So, it’s all going on behind the scenes. We continue to fight for funding more than ever and so too we are quietly preparing things for Health Safety and Fire certification.

We have tried most banks but the list is not exhausted. We are still discussing terms with new investors, avoiding, on behalf of current investors and supporters, anything that might compromise.

Since 12th Sept (when the building was suddenly prohibited from fun and the fundraising public screening event we had planned) I decided it best to get on with things quietly.

There has been little to report. When there’s nothing we can tell you, we could report that “everything is fine” each week but that would steal valuable column inches.

There are no details we can disclose yet, but behind the scenes is very busy, and even exciting.

However, we can tell you that we are now part of the EIS scheme for tax relief of 30% on some kinds of loan/investments, to be backdated also to those who invested in 2010. Please ask, but clearly not me! However I can send you the comprehensive details right away, compiled by those who do know, and will ask one of them to get in touch.

Furthermore, from The Rex end-of-year accounts I discover we have already spent/committed/used over £100,000 from Rex funds. We continue to fund The Odyssey in the absence of other monies. We can’t do it for much longer, so if there’s anybody or bodies out there who would like to match it now, we’d get a hell of a lot more work done over the Spring…!

NB The insurance on the building alone is £500 a month. A ludicrous sum at any stretch. Perhaps there are local company underwriters who’d like to offer us free insurance…?

No short intake of breath being held.

We seem to have gone from nothing to say, to a mini explosion of things to excite and consider.

Believe me this or any other ‘silent’ patch will be well and truly broken when there’s something to shout.

You’ll hear it from the rooftops when banks release their small change (half a million) or we find it another way.

In the meantime, please consider what’s been said here, and don’t be shy matching The Rex’s £100,000. You can still sponsor as many seats as you like, or any other part of the building. Call the Rex 01442 877759. It’s not always easy to get through, so email You can also find us on Facebook and we’re supposed to be on Twitter (when I learn how to use it).

A few words of encouragement and support are always welcome. There are also The Rex & Odyssey websites, all new and buzzing.

Above all, be rest assured we have not stopped nor will we until the beautiful Odyssey’s doors are open for you.

A very special thanks to Grant Klein who organised a gig before Christmas at The Horn Alma Rd. He and his band raised £800 towards the Odyssey. I have neglected to thank him until now. So a huge thanks to Grant and his friends for a brilliant initiative.

James H