Before we forget – a sponsorship (anything from £10 to £1000) or an Advanced Booking List, makes a great Christmas gift! And now, anyone buying a sponsorship or ABL gets a specially printed gift card to hand over to their loved one. Just email if you’re interested and we’ll sort it out for you.

Now, onto the Odyssey development…

Yes, of course there are delays, for no other reason than delay itself. After all, it’s a building project involving builders, architects, permissions etc…

So delay is inevitable. How they work from those time-charts with so many professionals involved, whose input must be heard and considered, is a miracle and mystery all in one…!

We are very happy with any stalling. The huge construction decisions that are thrust at us need time to fully understand if we are to present you with the cinema
you have asked us for, and one you will love at first sight.

Hence the last stages of architects’ drawings are all but agreed….

There’s much more to come, but to start, let me tease you with this:
You will see a revolving entrance door, a round bar, a beautiful foyer where there are few corners and walls, but a wonderful space with curves, easily accessible and a joy to stroll through.

You will then take your seats on three levels, with chairs even more gorgeous than The Rex, facing a magnificent screen. The walls will glow with beautiful lighting while hiding a sound system you will hear clearly but not see….

That’s all for now.

To ensure we open early in 2014, there is still much more to sponsor to help us find the last £400,000. Realistically, January is when you will see repair and restoration beginning in earnest.

As always thank you for your patience. We are resisting our own impatience to be sure we open the Odyssey palace, fit for kings and open to all…

Remember: Sponsorships make a great Christmas Gift!

Looking for something for someone that has everything? Odyssey sponsorships are available from just £10 to help sponsor the restoration of the façade to £1000 for a seat. Receive a limited edition gift card when you buy! Just speak to Marie at

We also have higher value sponsorships for businesses, so if you make carpets and would like to deck the halls, or if you’re an electrician firm and would like to lend your name to the projectors, just drop us a line. We can arrange a sponsorship for any size or amount.

Get In Touch or Get Involved

You can find us on Facebook under ‘James Hannaway’s official page for the Alpha cinema in St.Albans’ (catchy, we know. and no, we can’t change it. Not yet anyway).

Thanks as ever for all the support!