SuccessTo bring you up to date with The Odyssey, it has been a long journey and we thank you for your unswerving patience and support.

I am very pleased to tell you it is all going ahead, with the cinema doors expected to open in the Spring of next year.

We finally raised our £1.2m in June last year (against a budget of £1.6m – with the already anticipated £400,000 to be raised once building work had begun). Without delay we appointed our project management team: Robert Martell & Partners (Berkhamsted). With them on board, design and strategy work began in the autumn.

SADC (St.Albans District Council) planning consent was fully approved as late as March and the design drawings, after painstaking and much detailed work, have turned out to be fabulous.

After a cocktail of the usual and extraordinary delays – phase one; to re-roof, secure the building and begin first external works, is due to begin within weeks.

It is at this exciting stage, as promised, I can come back to you and bring you up to date with the restoration and our local sponsorship plans.

As with all the best (and worst) films, the budget has ‘changed’. Finally, the true budget is £2m.

So we need to raise £800,000. It’s only double after all…!

To this end, we are putting the finishing touches to a sponsorship package, which you will receive very soon, inviting you, companies and private individuals, to sponsor any and every part of the building and the future programme of films from across the world.

So prepare your inbox…! And keep an eye on the website, facebook and all that other stuff.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you ‘in the loop’ here.

As always a million (literally) thanks

All the very best