We reached capacity over the weekend  (12th Oct). Well done to all those who made it in time and a very big thanks to those who committed their £285 at the beginning and over the last three years. We only need other individuals to name the rest of the seats and we’re almost home and dry.

In the meantime work hurries along at a great pace.

Precious things

Precious things, flimsy pieces of paper long forgotten. Heart-stopping programmes from the then (not long opened) Capitol dated 1934. Then a Christmas card from Chesham council to a soldier, home from the front, and off to the pictures. They were all found in a gap in a wall in the foyer. A tiny glimpse of history from our own streets. Into the stark reality of the present, though the colour of Butch and Sundance’s tenner matches the priceless treasures found in a crack in a wall.

We are in the last throes of our tenner Prize-Draw application to the Gambling Commission. They’re very supportive but can’t say yes until all the paperwork has cleared. It’s proper channels, I’m afraid, which I’m getting used to, but they haven’t knocked the stuffing out of us yet. Nor will they. So keep an eye out for our Prize Draw. If and when we get permission – you’ll know.