We are recruiting first, school leavers, gap-years and new graduates for The Rex in Berkhamsted and The Odyssey cinema St Albans to build a new part time team for each venue.

The requirements to work at either site are simple and straightforward.

• You need to be over 18 (or 16 if you want to learn about ushering).
• You need to like working with and being very nice to people – including those you don’t like.
• You need to be patient, tolerant and kind.
• You need to be cheerful and helpful at all times.
• You must have all these qualities and more. The rest you can learn.

The Rest…
• Your job is to see everything, and when you’ve seen it, do it – from picking up litter when you see it, to spontaneously helping individuals elderly and young who look like they might need help.
• You will greet everybody in a cheerful and relaxed manner without being overbearing.
• No false smiles, no gushing, no ‘have a nice day’, no ‘sorry about that’, no ‘sing-song’ nasal voices.
• You will be shown how to do everything and it is all very simple.
• Every job in the cinema: Box Office, Bar, Preparation, Front of House, Cleaning & clearing up, Ushering, Setting up the House PA.
• Once learnt you will be expected to turn your hand to any of these tasks at a moments notice. For example, if the bar is busy and the box office not so, you should jump from one to the other, etc.
• It is part time split between evening and day shifts, so you will have time to pursue other things.
• It is seven days/evenings a week, running at least two screenings a day, so there is some flexibility about when you work. Everybody will be expected to put their name down for alternate weekends.

The Benefits…
• You will be working in a friendly, easy-going atmosphere in a cinema environment.
• There are no bosses yelling or demanding, no management tiers, just our experts guiding and instructing.
• There is no uniform.
• You will learn about events, audience/crowd control, the technicalities of lighting projection and sound.
• You will learn about cinema and films
• You will be encouraged to take part in programming.
• You will have the most enviable job in town/City and if you embrace it, you will enjoy it very much.

NOTE: Please apply for one or the other cinema. Which one you apply for will simply depend on where you live. We look forward to hearing from you.

REPLY/APPLY with your details, CV however short (don’t make things up) and a covering letter to: with ‘Job Application Rex/Odyssey Cinema’  (delete venue as appropriate) in the subject of email.