We are very close. As soon as the sun goes in this year, last minute works will begin.
There is still much to do but as you can see from the pictures the ground is taking shape, as are the walls. The picture above shows the skeleton of the downstairs bar.
Here you can see the surround sound speaker brackets above the bar (blue rectangles). I’ve lost count of how many there are, but they’re this far apart   throughout the vast auditorium. The sound balance in the building will be perfect, crystal clear from whispers to boom. This is balanced with the most advanced experimental sound wall structure in Europe. Hence, a pin drop with nil shrill aural pain, fantastic.
Staying with sound, the picture below shows the early skeleton of the baffle wall. This is the essential wall that sits behind the screen. It carries the main speakers and bass bins. It is built solidly from wooden 4×2 uprights and triple sound boards – three thick plasterboard sheets attached vertically to the uprights, each on top of the other.
This is finished with a thick acoustic foam only millimetres from the back of the screen. This wall is vital to the density of sound, ensuring that none escapes or rattles around the stage. The result is a crystal clear vocal, music, whisper and booms travelling through the perforated white screen (tiny holes you need a magnifying glass to see) into an auditorium whose walls are ready to receive it either to deaden or resonate whichever the walls detect. When a film starts the whole building is live and alive to every detail on the screen and coming from it to you, sitting in unashamed fair-ticket luxury.

Hence the best acoustic system in the known universe, 90% of which is made of wood! And it is all now inside the Odyssey. The beauty is when it works you wont know any of it is there. Such is the genius of Ed Mauger, our sound and projection engineer. You will hear more of him as we get closer.
For now this is how an industrial strength hell has gone from the Somme to something you can see is beautiful, even in each stage of construction.
The daredevil abseiling down the outside is fixing a lightening conductor, which might put on a show of its own for us in the queue.
We’ve caught up with the half million we’ve been chasing from the outset, we now only need £300,000 to finish the whole lot, including securing the outbuilding to the left of the entrance, which eventually in a year or so will be your café/restaurant.
So now is the time to sponsor a seat for £1000 or £1500. Think on it, but don’t take too long.