It was never going to be smooth. From our very first steps into that deep cavernous zombie-dead Odeon building in 2006, as understatements go, we were quick to notice it wasn’t a good idea.

Early investors ran from the site. It was like walking into a labyrinth to hell, an icy hell, pitch-darker than any nightmare and 20 degrees colder.

So it is with this crazy opening four nights, only now, the hell is brighter but has shifted sideways. As the excitement builds, so has the disappointment.

After 19 years derelict, and the overwhelming St Albans support, we knew we were never going to get everybody in for just one ridiculous opening night. Now even with four opening nights, it is just as ridiculous.

Official Approval for public access and reopening is still crucial.

You have been asking about these Openings four evenings. Please accept our apologies for this necessary delay in bringing you up to date.

We needed to consider everything carefully and properly before deciding it might be futile even insulting to put so few tickets left, on general sale, causing a rush followed by even worse and overwhelming disappointment

Hence, there are no more tickets available for these opening nights. All four evenings are sold out.

As posted in earlier notes over the last few weeks, on websites and always in Rex magazine updates, tickets were to be made available first to Donors, Sponsors, ABLers, Investors, and seat sponsors whose name we had. If we have missed you please tell us and we’ll make it up to you, not now, but sooner or later. Tell us who you are and we’ll find something special for you.

With a limited seating capacity of just over 400, these places are now all but swallowed up. After these four days (27th-30th November) we will close to finish further essential works.

The full programme will begin on Saturday 13th December, when it will be open to everyone.

You will, after 19 years including the last nine years of icy hell, have to be patient a few weeks longer. By January ticket sales etc should have settled into a routine, and by February the Odyssey will feel like it has been here all our lives.

It is bound to be madness at first, but remember once we’re open, up and running, this Odyssey Cinema is here to stay. So you’ll have be plenty of time.

The building is opening unfinished for these first four evenings. The full programme will then begin on Sat 13th December.

Where, How and When to get tickets will be posted here and everywhere else very soon. Warning: it won’t be easy either. Like The Rex, tickets will be by phone and box office to start with (limited on-line bookings; aiming to be available from April 2015).

Stay cool, it’s been a long time dead, now it’s alive again, and not going anywhere.

Nor can it be threatened ever again. Nobody: no giant, mogul, big noise, superarsed multi can take it away from us again… St Albans now has the last standing INDEPENDENT SINGLE SCREEN fully restored cinema in all of Europe. And it is the St A City’s first decent, cinema for 19, 30, 50, 80 years! Above all, and all of the above, please take your time… JH