The Odyssey Cinema on the London Road, St Albans is now open for B-Movies from across the world. Welcome. It has been a long journey back to the future to resurrect and restore this glorious cinema paradiso. After some years skirting the edge, it really all began on a wet Sunday afternoon (29th November 2009), when over 600 people crammed in to the Rex auditorium and foyer, to hear of the grand plan to win back the old Odeon from the jaws of 14 luxury apartments. Now five long years later it is here.

We are working on getting a brand new website set up for you in the new year. It aims to be clear and easy to navigate. For now though, we will try to keep you updated as much as possible on here. The ‘Box Office’ page now has a full December film list along with the seat prices.

You wont like every film but you’ll love the building and it’s here to stay. Welcome.