Email us:

Box Office: 01727 453088

The Odyssey
166 London Road
St Albans

We do not currently have any vacancies but if you would like to send your CV to Anna – we may contact you when opportunities become available.


Are you interested in advertising in our monthly printed programme?
It is read and referred to for 5 weeks every issue and distributed to shops and businesses around St Albans. Currently 8000 copies are printed a month including a pdf copy on our website, which averages 124,000 hits per month so far!
For further details and a price list please email –

7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Pippa Mullett said:


    Could you tell me if you are looking to recruit in the near future?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Pippa, We’re quite a long way off recruiting at the moment, but there will be lots of news about it when we do! So keep an eye on the press and the website. Thanks.

  2. jackie seaton said:

    Are there any gift tokens for sale as Christmas presents?

  3. Bill Stephens said:

    I was told last night (9/2) that your website had a seating plan on it. I cannae find it. Would you link me to it or tell me if you intend to add one? Thanks.

  4. Bill Stephens said:

    Doh! Not sure how I missed that, thanks.

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