The Rex

The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted is the other cinema run by James Hannaway, which has inspired, and will continue to inspire, the restoration of The Odyssey Cinema, St.Albans.

3 thoughts on “The Rex”

  1. Jennifer Dundon said:

    Had our first visit to the Rex on 8/11/12 to see Private Peaceful. What an experience it was, the whole place is wonderful. We had trouble finding a cinema showing this film which was excellent. Thank you Rex. Lets hope the Odyssey opens soon.

  2. It is wonderful to see communities come together to bring about the revival of their erstwhile local cinemas. I wish the Odessey the best of luck in its venture.

    Please, when you get a minute, look at what I have written about the great efforts being made by the folks of Walthamstow to save their EMD/Granada and the folks of Dover with their Granada at:


    The pieces can be found in the section;


    These folks are an inspiration as you all are.

    Very best wishes to you all.

    I will be following your progress and ‘rooting’ for you all from the U.S. where I now live.


    Charles S.P. Jenkins

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